As one of the major addition to our range of services, we are also offering Construction Project Management Services, which is designed especially for engineers & architects.

Estimations, offers, comparatives & schedules, all play an essential part in the decision-making process; and for architects & engineer`s, making these documents is quite a task! Moreover, these documents are required at the point of time, when one is actually required to concentrate more on the CD set. But it does not in any manner; imply that they should be postponed. Project Management documents require one to be attentive all the time when preparing them, as these documents are number driven, and must be bug-free.


  • Project Tracking
  • Tender/Bid Analysis or Comparison
  • Project Management Consultancy


The Drafting Outsourcing helps you with the process of preparing your project management documents so that you:

  • Procure error-free documents
  • Get more time out of valuable resources
  • Work together with a partner you trust, as we have no vested interests in the project
  • Meet deadlines

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