Digitizing paper drawings into CAD drawings has turned out to be the most effective way of keeping record drawings & other associated information in a systematized manner. Managing, storing and preserving paper drawings are tedious with the potentials of misplacing or damaging them. We transform paper drawings into high accuracy, dimensionally precise Auto CAD files.BIM Drafting Services can be applicable to Floor plans, Site Plans, Roof plans, HVAC, Electrical Plans, Exterior Elevations Foundation Plans, etc.


Paper to BIM Conversion Services is normally an exercise for an existing building, with paper drawings input rather than CAD files. In its basic essence, it is quite identical to the process of converting paper drawings to CAD, in the following situations:

  • Lost or corrupted CAD files
  • Unavailability of CAD files
  • Building older than technology

Our teams at Drafting Outsourcing work with precision & attention, throughout the BIM Drafting Services, so that the results are at per with the expectations of our clients.

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