Earlier to beginning the execution, an item`s important to understand that the idea needs to be as sold as to the client. For this to happen, an item`s very important that one presents the idea in a manner that is impactful and also gets the job placed in the right manner.Though, there can be so many questions that may come to mind when it comes to Architectural Design Presentation Services; but we are always here to help you answer all of them!

More than half of the design presentations basically created at an early stage of the project are generated so as to win the project. Henceforth, the item`s most important to get the desired product inside a stern range. Adding to the problems, the design concepts are in a nascent stage. In such situations, outsourcing the first presentation is similar to getting the job done from a colleague, in the sense of showing the same kind of attention & patience.


  • 3D Visualisation
  • Consolidated Design Presentations
  • Presentation Drawings


Though, you will not need to supervise the assignment at every stage when working with Struccore, thanks to our skilled and experienced task force. Below are some of the advantages our clients enjoy availing our Architectural BIM Services:

  • More time for creativity: Item`s our creativity & design skills that win us the job, at the end of the day.
  • Time-zone benefit: This is the service where the time zone difference gets exploited at its best. It lets the designer to assist us even at night time, leaving the day to handle the regular office work.
  • Cost savings: Architectural BIM services are amongst the top in charging per hour, when the deadlines are tight. The cost difference works out huge, when you have to invest in more (unpaid) presentations to woo the client.

At Struccore you will get Total Solution for all your construction Projects!