CAD symbols can also be called as the building blocks that led to the invention of BIM. During 1980s, product manufacturers used to generate their 3D symbol libraries, with menu-driven attribute choices, which had material take-offs too. For the designer, and to the CAD drafter, the formation of symbols is a tiresome process that requires a lot of attention to detail. Revit families are the starting point for conversion of CAD symbols to Revit Libraries.

CAD to Revit Conversion Services:

With CAD to Revit conversion services, Struccore  brings its experience & expertise to aid our clients in their projects & help them in the conversion. For CAD to Revit conversion services from a 2D representation to a real life organism, the right questions are all those which make difference to the final execution, & we know exactly what needs to be answered with regards to the items, its specifications & applications!

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