Top 10 amzing bridges in India

amazing bridges in india
  1. Naini Setu

    Located: Across Yamuna River, near Allahabad

    Opened: 1865

    One of  the longest & oldest bridges that pass through the Yamuna, the Naini Setu boasts of both road & rail compatibility. Upper deck has two-lane railway line & lower deck has road line working ever since 1927.

  2. Narmada Setu

    Located: Across Narmada River, near Bharuch

    Opened: 1881


    Also recognised as the Golden bridge, Britishers built this linkage to join to the main city Bombay (Now Mumbai) for all dealing purposes.

  3. Godavari Setu

    Located: Across the Godavari river, near Rajahmundry

    Opened: 1900


    Also known as Havelock Bridge, this old bridge is presently used to transport civic provisions whilst waiting to be acknowledged as a monument. It is one of the longest bridges connecting the then Howrah and Madras.

  4. Pamban Setu

    Located: Across the Palk strait, near Rameshwaram

    Opened: 1913


    The first sea bridge & also one of the longest in its type, this bridge connects the historical Rameshwaram to the mainland. It has double leaf bascule section midway for ships and barges to pass through.

  5. Rabindra Setu

    Located: Across the Hooghly River
    Opened: 1943


    Also known as Howrah Bridge, Kolkata’s iconic landmarks, carries the weight of 150,000 walkers and 100,000 automobiles on a regular basis. It could be the busiest cantilever bridge in the world.

  6. Saraighat Setu

    Located: Across the Brahmaputra River, near Saraighat

    Opened: 1962


    It’s the first rail-cum-road bridge crossways the Brahmaputra river. Inaugurated by Prime Minister Jawarlal Nehru, this bridge has been productively joining North East to the rest of the country for more than 50 years.

  7. Mahatma Gandhi Setu

    Located: Across the Ganges river, Patna

    Opened: 1982


    It is one of the longest river bridges crossing the divine river of Ganges in India. This rail-cum-road bridge was inaugurated by the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

  8. Vidyasagar Setu

    Located: Across the Hooghly River, Kolkata

    Opened: 1992


    Known as the second Hooghly Bridge, this is the other iconic bridge of West Bengal, which is also the longest cable-stayed bridge in India.

  9. Vikramshila Setu

    Located: Across the Ganges, near Bhagalpur

    Opened: 2001


    It is the thridrd longest bridge on water in India and joins two National Highways (NH-31 and NH-80). It is also only a road bridge with pedestrian footpaths at the boundaries.

  10. Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link

    Located: Across Mahim Bay, Near Bandra (Mumbai)

    Opened: 2009


    Also recognised as the Bandra-Worli Sea link, this bridge is the lengthiest over-the-sea link in India. This was mostly constructed to decrease the traffic bottleneck between these points in Mumbai.


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