Amazing Uses of Glass in Architecture


Selgas Cano Architecture Office


In the middle of a quiet Spanish forest, the Selgas Cano Architecture Office is a glass shell of creativeness.  The ceiling and outer wall of the office is entirely open to the nature surrounding it, due to a clear curved wall of glass.  All through the 4 seasons, the employees for Selgas Cano are directly in sync with environment.

Sears Tower Glass Balconies


A hint of glass buildings can add a fresh new perception and a whole lot of fear to the already rising heights of the Sears Tower (also known as the Willis Tower).  The Sears Tower Glass Balconies range from near the building’s top at 1,353 feet.  The sight from the Sears is a matchless way of seeing the city of Chicago. They’ve added a new aspect to the Sears Skydeck experience.

Farnsworth House by Mies van der Rohe


Being one of the modern period’s most eminent works of glass architecture, the Farnsworth House is a piece that pushed the envelope in the usage of glass in architecture.  The home sorts floor-to-ceiling glass all through, giving an open connection to the riverbank nature of the plot.

Glass Houseboat by X-Architects


The Glass Houseboat takes an obvious encouragement from the Farnsworth House, this time taking the white-beam-and-glass tactic to a sea-faring residence.  This expansive houseboat sports two levels on a pair of pontoons, skinned with floor-to-ceiling glass building in each direction.  Its residents are delighted with unbarred sights of city and sea, the ultimate mobile domicile off the coast of Dubai.

National Grand Theatre of China


The National Grand Theatre of China is a huge dome of titanium and glass, it is also one of greatest architectural works of China’s in last decade.  Located near Tiananmen Square, this glass structure stocks a theatre, an opera & a music hall, joining to seat 5,452 guests at a time.  The dome is focused within an artificial lake, offering a reflective sight of the dome from the lane.

Basque Health Department Headquarters of Bilbao Spain


Bilbao, Spain has developed as an architectural hot spot due to the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, by Frank Gehry.  While Gehry designed his masterpiece with metal, Coll-Barreu crafted the Basque Health Dept. Headquarters in angular glass with an almost organically-inspired shape. This building is easily amongst the world’s most progressive in form, when it comes to glass in architecture.

Kanagawa Institute of Technology Glass Building


There are none better than this, when it comes to glass offices. You won’t find uninterested cubicle workers in this hall, but a meeting of the minds of the future workers of Japan, fitting together for community and creative projects in one of the chief glass work spaces in the world.  Thanks to a thin glass skin that wraps around its entire exterior, it is huge, monumental even, a piece of architecture whose inner beauty is entirely exposed.

The Louvre Pyramid


French president François Mitterrand, in 1984, appointed architect I.M. Pei to design & construct a new entrance for the iconic Louvre museum.  The Louvre Pyramid was the outcome, one of the well-known works of glass architecture till date.  This great glass pyramid grows out of the square in front of the Louvre at an altitude of 70 feet, comprising of 673 glass sections from base to tip.  Visitors arrive the pyramid to descend below-ground afore ascending again into the main level of the museum.  While the Louvre Pyramid was built in the middle of much critique & controversy, it has been praised by architecture fans as a well-executed merging of modernist & classical architectures.

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