Coolest Office Spaces in India You’d Love to Wok in


You spend a huge portion of your everyday life at your work place. For those working with crunched tables, cluttered corners and small cubicles, work can be somewhat disheartening. You would definitely love to go an office which is so cool you would always want to go there, won’t you? Not everyone gets that chance. But some are lucky.

Here are the coolest offices of our country:

1.Tulip Infratech, Gurgaon

Modern classy furniture and a thrilling bar. Nothing could have replaced this.



2. Baya Park, Mumbai

The official nest.

baya park

3. White Canvas, Bengaluru

At times subtlety finds its way to ability.

white canvas

white canvas1

4. Myntra, Bengaluru

Outside the box ideas from inside! Get the outside in.





5. RIDOC, Bengaluru

The view itself if motivating enough.



6. Harley Davidson, Gurgaon

The name itself gets you going.

harley davidson

harley davidson1

7. Phantom Films, Mumbai

Beautiful place for creativity.

phantom films

8. Pegasystems, Hyderabad

Colorful ideas.


9. Freshdesk, Chennai

Starts your day with positivity.

fresh desk

10. Microsoft, Gurgaon

You gotta work and play.



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